Yangon Inle Lake Kalaw Mandaly Pyin-U-Lwin Bagan




Pyin U Lwin is a really small and sedative place. Mostly it's known for its colonial architecture witch reminds me of the American Wild West, but on the wrong continent. From Mandalay it's a couple of hours on a pickup truck up in the mountain, crossing the border back into the Shan State.  

If I had the time, I would have gone trekking in the mountains. Even better maybe continued further east to Lashio.

The cultural diversity is still impressive in this small place. Modern roads, ancient horse charts, British colonial buildings, Internet café, Myanmar tea culture, Indian food, International satellite TV, a Methodist Christian church and a Chinese Temple are among the things I found.


Half way up the hillside the pickup trucks had to stop to be cooled down, while you had a cup of tea and a smoke. The roads were in surprisingly good shape, with broad paved ditches. Looked like a professional work, turned out to be Chinese built. Writing this I realize that the road continues to one of the border crossings into Yunnan Province.


Down the road is the Clock Tower.


Quite a lot of horse charts on the streets really established a feeling of  the nineteen's century. Business was not going well though. Maybe a little late in season, it's was now in the beginning of Mars and the tourist season were finished.



In one of those backstreets I had a wonderful Indian dinner.



A Methodist church in this small village.


In Pyin-U-Lwin I found a Chinese Buddhist Temple.


Chinese wall painting at the pagoda. Not really Myanmar style.


Holy Mother! After seeing those wires I understood the unreliable phone connections in the country.






Outside the village was the military academy , symbolized by those frightening warriors.  The sign at the entrance said  "Triumphant elite of the future"