White Rhinoceros, Ceratocerium simum
Nakuro National Park, Kenya

This is a large and heavy rhino with a weight up to 5000 kg. It has a massive hump on the neck. The head is very long an is carried low, terminating in a broad square muzzle, which is easy distinguished from the Black Rhinos muzzle. Also, the horns are longer, thinner and straighter than on the Black Rhino. The females are similar to the males but with longer and slender horns.

The White Rhino lives on grasslands and open savannas with scrub. They are sociable and usually seen in family groups and even in small herds. They are very placid and even-tempered and easy to approach. The White Rhino is rather sedentary and each family has its own grazing area and watering place. They are grazers, feeding during the morning and evening. During the day they rest in the shadow.