Blue Wildebeest (Gnu), Connochaetes taurinus 
The Ngorongorno Crater, Tanzania

The Wildebeest is a large antelope, weight about 250 kg, and is easy to recognize by its clumsy appearance. It has been described as having the forequarters of an ox, the hindquarter of an antelope, and the tail of a horse. 

The head is very massive, and the face is covered by a tuft of thick black hairs. It has a long black mane over the neck and shoulders and a beard of white or black stiff hairs under the throat. Both sexes has  horns which are pointing backward and inwards. 


Blue Wildebeest, Connochaetes taurinus 
Grazing Herd
Ngorongorno crater, Tanzania

The Wildebeest lives on open grasslands and mainly feed on grass. They are very gregarious and are mostly seen in large herds without any social structure. During their wandering they form herds of tens of thousands head but are scattered during the rainy periods. They are active at all hours of the day and night.