Mountain(?) Reedbuck, Redunca fulvorufula
Female with kid
Nakuru National Park, Kenya

There are several subspecies of Reedbucks of which I am not fully able to distinguish the one on the picture above. It should be a Mountain Reedbuck, but I find it more similar to the Vaal Rhebuck, Pelea capreolus. Though, the later one should not occur in this area.

Anyway, the Reedbuck is a small antelope, weights about 25kg, very delicate and graceful built with a long neck and soft woolly coat. They have a bare patch or a spot under the ears. There is a dark stripe on the nose. The tail is short with a white and bushy tip. The males got short horns.


Mountain Reedbuck, Redunca fulvorufula
Female with kid, in company with a Thomson's Gazelle
Nakuru National Park, Kenya

The Reedbuck is mostly a grazer. They live on grassy hills or mountains together in families or small groups. Usually the Reedbucks are shy and alert but the sub species Vaal Rhebuck is more aggressive and known to occasionally kill sheeps, goats and even Mountain Reedbuck crossing their territory.