Livingstone's Eland, Taurotragus oryx
Ngorongorno crater, Tanzania.

There are several subspecies of which I believe the pictured one is the East African Eland, (T.o.pattersonianus).

Eland is the king of Antelopes and give a very heavy impression. The male weight 700-1000kg. The color is uniform, fawn or tawny, sometimes with stripes on the sides. The characteristic horns are slightly diverging and massive with a screw-like spiral at the lower part. The females are similar to the male but smaller and the horns are lighter but longer.

The Eland are gregarious and lives in herds of  25-75 heads with one or two bulls, but old bulls may live solitary. They lives on open plains or savannas, also in the highland areas up to an altitude of 4500 meters. They often assemble with Gemsbock and Zebras. In spite of their weight they are able to leap up to 2,5 meter in height, and they can jump over each other from a standing start. 

They are mostly browsers and feed on leaves and bushes but they also dig for bulbs and roots. Eland are quite independent of water but drinks freely when it is available. They move around during all seasons but especially during the dry period. 


East Africa Eland, T. pattersonianus. 
Female herd. 
Masai Mara, Kenya.

They Elands are shy and not easy to photograph. This herd of female Eland was interrupted in their browsing and now trying to escape from the photographer.